Within the Manchester that you know so well lies Dr Dee’s Secret Curiosity Shop, an intriguing and mysterious establishment which can be accessed for the first time in 421 years. But only to families who are prepared to scour the city and solve the code to find it, for one short day this Halloween.

Follow our haunting historic map to track down clues, surprising happenings and curious characters in unexpected locations. Crack the code to unlock access throughout the day to the strange and unusual world of Dr John Dee, advisor to Queen Elizabeth 1 and extraordinary renaissance scientist, magician, alchemist, astrologer, astronomer, occultist and spy – one of the greatest minds of the 16th century and warden of the college that is now Chetham’s Library.

Discover an intimate and spine tingling palace of curiosities that will change the way you see the city. Forever.

Dr Dee’s Secret Curiosity Shop is part of Halloween In The City’s free family programme. For full details see www.halloweenmcr.com