Follow the map to track down clues, surprising happenings and curious characters in unexpected places. Locations across the city centre will each deliver a clue to enable you to work out the password to access Dr Dee’s Secret Curiosity Shop and maybe even meet the mysterious man himself.  Encounter mesmerising musicians at House of Fraser and amazing aerialists on New Cathedral Street. Make magical masks at Paperchase and summon up the courage to meet The Fear Eater at Cath Kidston – let her consume your fears and banish them from this world.

You can begin at any of the keys, and once you have worked out the password, can visit the Secret Curiosity Shop any time from 10am-4pm.

Once the password is in your possession, unlock access throughout the day to Dr Dee’s Secret Curiosity Shop, an intimate and spine tingling palace of curiosities that will change the way you see the city forever. Within it lies the strange and unusual world of Dr John Dee and the first chance in over 400 years to meet the man himself.

Share your experiences and photos on the day using #DrDeeMcr to help others follow the trail.